what story will your wedding tell?

Close your eyes and picture it...it's your wedding day. What do you want to feel as you walk down the aisle to your soulmate, or enter your reception as newlyweds? What do you want your photographs to capture? Is it an organic, natural celebration to match your authentic personalities? A romantic, glamorous ambiance that brings magic to the night? A whimsical, cozy gathering curated with every perfect detail? We live to create these feelings and memories - they don't simply happen by chance. Breathtaking atmosphere, floral design, and decorative detail are the colors that these feelings and memories are painted with.

Willner Floral & Events specializes in intentional design through fresh floral, linen and decor styling, and wedding day coordination. Events are all that we do, and weddings are our lifeblood. Each arrangement and decorative detail is crafted to breathe life into your vision for the most special day of your life. We believe that your wedding should be a timeless, authentic representation of you.

Trust us with the hard work and experience required in creating the perfect ambiance for the most special day of your life. Every bride & groom deserves it.

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